Phuket Abalone Farm

Driving Agricultural Innovation

A Brief History

Phuket Abalone Farm Co., Ltd. was founded on 21st October 2002 as the first and only commercial Abalone cultivation Farm of South East Asia - and remains so until the present date.

We cultivate our specially selected Haliotis diversicolor breed of abalone which originates in Okinawa Japan; renowned not only for being a luxurious food/ingredient but also for its nutritious body.

Being a visionary in agriculture, we seek opportunities in bridging the gap between science and nature, bringing out the most from agricultural products using innovations.

Phuket Abalone Farm Office

Our Services

Phuket Abalone Production Line


With over a decade of experience in the production of food and cosmetic. We serve our OEM customer with ease, providing the most unique and exceptional products

Phuket Abalone Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients

Apart from its savory tastes and texture, abalone's nutritional value is off the chart. Our research team dig deep down to find the source of these nourishments and capture them as our "Active Ingredients"

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