OEM Service

With over a decade of experiences in production of food and cosmetic grade goods. We serve our OEM customer with ease, providing the most unique and exceptional products – ready to serve your market of choice. Our experties line of product includes

  • Functional Drinks
  • Food Supplements
  • Skin Care Products
  • Seasoning Pastes
Chaya OEM for Sevenday

Chaya Society
Abalone Collagen + Abalone Slime

Chaya Society Abalone Lifting Serum

Longel OEM for xxxx

Abalone Collagen

A nourishing facial cream - replenish your skin with collagen and elastin.

Giffarine Abalone Collagen

Giffarine Abalone Collagen
Abalone Collagen

Functional drink to rejuvinate your beauty from inside out.